Join us at THSH for February Musical Picnic with Polish Music!

From the incredible music of Chopin and lively mazurki (mazurkas), to Krakowiak folk dances, the Polonez (Polonaise), traditional folk songs, vast Jewish cultural heritage andbeautiful music growing out of the 1930s and 40s, come and join our very special Polish Musical Picnic to discover more about the brilliant music, dance, language and culture of Poland!

Featuring critically acclaimed AngloPolish singer songwriter Katy Carr and accordionist/vocalist Paweł Zaba, along with some very special musical and dance guests, expect some high energy singing and dancing, beautiful piano, plus learn some Polish words and songs, and help us to transform popular British children’s music into Polish and vice­versa!

(In association with the Polish Expats Association)

In association with Mubu Music.
Recommended for ages 0-7.

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